• About CB Bank
  • Corporate Social Responsibility


CB Bank actively promotes economic development of the country. In time with development, the bank conducts training courses to enhance banking knowledge of the staff.


To become the new generation to be an ethically conscious and knowledgeable generation, CB Bank supports educational activities.

Arts & Culture

In order to preserve Myanmar cultural heritage, CB Bank provides cash assistance, sponsors the traditional dance, art and music competition.

Race & Religion

CB Bank supports the religion without discrimination and respects different faith and belief.

Social Work

As a corporate social responsibility, the bank contributes to those who suffer from natural climates, such as cyclone, earth-quake and fire. The bank assists the prevention of natural disaster and conducts donation of blood.


The bank provides finance to the business communities with goodwill and also finances environmental projects.
To become green environment, the bank involves itself in tree planting campaign and reducing paper consumption in the office. Moreover, educate the staff to be environmentally conscious.


CB Bank supports and assists the staff to uplift the living standard and healthy life-style and also to become a well trained and qualified staff.