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Call Deposit Accounts

  • Interest Rate –   2% per annum for any amount

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Call Deposit Accounts

  • CB Bank’s Call Deposit allows you can get your interest on your account’s day-end balance.
  • Interest Rate –   2% per annum for any amount.
  • You will get the quarterly interest.

Interest Payment Rate

  • The interest rate is Interest Rate –   2% per annum for any amount.
  • Interest will be calculated on your account’s day-end balance.


For the customers who want to CB Bank services, the rules and conditions will be known as follows.


  • Articles of Association
  • Company Registration
  • Business License
  • List the names of Board of Directors
  • Board of Directors Meeting Minutes and Resolutions
  • Names of persons who will make on behalf of a Company
  • Their specimen signatures and Company office stamp


You can deposit unlimited numbers of amounts of cash into your account.


  • You can withdraw unlimited amounts of cash.
  • Cash can also be withdrawn by the representative on behalf of the account-holder.

Bank Charges

Bank Charges will not be collected from account-holders.


You can deposit Call Deposit as a savings deposit account. Call Deposit Passbook will be issued. The interest will be calculated day-end balance. The maximum balance is unlimited. The interest amount must be credited to the account holder. You can withdraw money ever.