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Cashier's Cheque

CB Bank’s Cashier Cheque can make easier and secure payments for all making payments.

Payment Order

For payment orders to the government departments, the cooperative bank provides speedy sales service of bank guarantee cheques.

Safe Deposit Locker

The bank receives valuable materials deposited by their current account holders (customers) for safe custody.

Bank Balance Confirmation

The cooperative bank sends its bank account confirmation slip every six-months (or biannually) to its customers holding current accounts or bank-loan accounts.

Bank Statement

The bank (CB Bank) will send a bank statement to the current account-holder at the end of every month on receiving the bank statement.

Payroll Service

CB Bank provides flexible payroll service that improves using ATM card and payroll management for employees of small, medium or large businesses.

Standing Instruction

A current account-holder can send his/her standing instructions to the bank to do businesses and other similar matters on his/ her behalf.

Internal Draft & Cheque Purchase (IDCP)

The Cooperative bank provides its customers, holding current accounts and savings accounts, with special services called internal draft and cheque purchase business at some discount rates.

Certified Cheque

For running money business with smoothness and efficiency, it is necessary for the cooperative bank to make payments by cheque.

Cash Management Services

CB Bank Provides Cash Management services to all local companies and foreign companies to manage their cash, transferring funds, making, payments, collecting receipts or just paying employees wages in better way.

Account Transfer

If the apply account transfer for payment, we could not allow withdrawal from foreign currency account.

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