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Cash Management Services

CB Bank provides Cash Management solution to all local companies and foreign companies of all sizes to enhance optimization of cash utilization. We can define and implement the tailor-made cash management service that would meet your specific corporate needs.

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Acccount Receivable Solution

Helping corporate customers to streamline receivables processing by various means based on their specific needs, reduce the administrative and processing costs and improve the cash flow and working capital.

  • Manage your cash flow in a cost-efficient way
  • Can reduce the adminstratvie and operation cost

Account Payable Solution

Helping corporate customers to modernize the payment to their either suppliers or dealers and Payroll for single or bulk based of their needs through a single instruction to the Bank via Business Internet Banking, host-to-host soluction. Using CB Bill Payment soltuion, can save your time and energy by paying your bills conveniently. What you can pay for

  • Meter bills
  • Landline bills
  • Income taxes
  • Life-insurance premium
  • Share-premium payment

  • Improve efficiency and cost effective
  • Seamless and secure
  • Effective payroll management

Liquidity Management Solution

Allowing corporate groups could create cash pools by concentrating, physically or virtually regarding the account balances of their sub-accounts which can optimize interest rates enhancing the investment opportunities.

  • Can customize the cash sweeping system to fit your business needs
  • Automate your business transactions
  • Maximize your interest earnings

Account Information Solution

To facilitate more effective corporate cash flow management with MIS Report, eAlert Service and Customized Account Statement on real time basis or interval basis.

  • Track your account with real time debit/credit alerts to designated email
  • Safe and secure (Only you can access them)
  • Environmentally friendly (save paper, save trees)

System Integration Solution

End-to-end service directly link with the system of corporate customers and the system of CB Bank for both receivable and payable services solutions to ease account reconcilaiton and improve the business efficiency.

  • Customized solutions to fit your business needs
  • Seamless and secure

Reconcilation Solution

Assign virtual accounts for each distributors, vendors and customers for faster reconciliation and easier accounting. It can provide better efficiency as you can quickly identify who is paying you.

  • You can set up your own custom virtual account numbers
  • Can easily track who is paying you

MT940 (Swift Statement Service)

MT940 (Customer Statement) service provides updates about transactions involving accounts with CB Bank to a third party bank or groups of companies from abroad.

  • Check account transactions and balances of subsidiaries’ bank accounts
  • Obtain details about each account transaction if information about it was recorded
  • Automate bank reconciliation for operational efficiency
  • Overview of liquidity position held with CB Bank
  • Requirement : Swift code at destination
                         : Current Account or Savings Account with CB Bank

MT101 (Request for transfer)

MT101 (Request for transfer) service enables international companies to allows access to their accounts opened with CB Bank from their offices aboard.

CB Bank accepts transfer instructions through MT101 and then executes the following payments from the clients’ accounts according to these instructions.

  • Transfer funds between accounts held with CB Bank ( USD, MMK)
  • Transfer funds from CB Bank to some other banks in Myanmar (USD, MMK)
  • Overseas Payments ( supporting documents required )
  • Future-dated Payment ( USD , MMK )
  • Payroll Transactions ( USD, MMK )
  • Requirement : Bilateral agreements signed with CB Bank.