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Payroll Service

CB Bank provides flexible payroll service that improves using ATM card and payroll management for employees of small, medium and large business.

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  • CB Bank offers the businesses for their employees payments to provide cost saving, security and comfort of using ATM cards, cash withdrawal from ATM(24/7) that is best suited to them with the easy integration of our service which can minimize time and money save.
  • Employees can use CB Bank EASI SMART Cards not only withdrawing cash from ATMs but also making payments at stores without having to carry cash by using POSs.

Requirement to use Pay Roll Service

  • A company account and personal account of staffs individually must be at CB Bank. The Company needs to send confirmation letter to card department with staff’s name and card account. CB Bank will transfer from company account to staff’s account individually as company’s confirmation letter.
  • ATM Department will credit to the staff's Card accounts from the account of company by the list of staff's names and account numbers that are sent by the company.
  • If the card is lost, the card holders will have to inform CB Bank immediately and will have to pay MMK 5,000 for re-issuing a new card.

Benefits of CB Bank Payroll service

  • Time can be saved for the businessmen who have to pay salaries.
  • Employees can withdraw their salaries easily and can save time.
  • No need to keep cash a lot.
  • Upgrading society by using CB Bank EASI SMART MPU Card.
  • Paying salaries easily, thoroughly and securely.

Bank Charges

  • Service fee- MMK 200 for deposit per account monthly.