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It is new product which provides payments to convenience for the customers by using CB CO-BRANDED DEBIT CARD (MPU-JCB)everywhere. CB Bank issues the CB CO-BRANDED DEBIT CARD (MPU-JCB) with JCB logo as the following purpose. CB CO-BRANDED DEBIT CARD (MPU-JCB)works just like the JCB Card, which means you can spend up the value anywhere JCB card are accepted. It can be used at P.O.S installed stores, for e-commerce, at online shops and at ATMs with JCB logo. The CB CO-BRANDED DEBIT CARD (MPU-JCB)can be used on the balance in that card account. It can be used easily and economies the costs.

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Advantages of Usage

  • It provides you worry-free travel experience as you do not have to carry loads of cash. Any purchase could be made with any Point-Of-Sales machine that bears JCB logo. If you need cash, you may withdraw cash from any ATM that bears JCB logo. Convenience and Security are the privileges we offer you with this card.
  • For students – payment for exam fees, school fees online.
  • For business – payment goods and services at overseas, book hotels online, online shopping.
  • For government officer –payment for hotel booking, conference fees and seminar fees.
  • For medical tourists – payment for hospital bills and accommodation fees.

Opening Bank Account

CB CO-BRANDED DEBIT CARD (MPU-JCB) be linked to Saving Account / E-saving Account which interest rate is 8.25% respectively. To open Saving Account / E-saving Account, customers will have to bring their National Identity Card. The initial deposit is MMK 1,000.

Bank Charges

  • Joining Fees(For Standard /Youth Card): MMK 1,000/-
  • Joining Fees For Gold Card: MMK 3,000/-
  • Joining Fees For Platinum Card: MMK 5,000/-
  • Use of POS with JCB Logo : No Service Charge
  • Online Shopping: No Service Charge
  • Cash Withdrawal from ATMs at Overseas: MMK 3,000/-
  • Balance Inquiry Fee with ATMs at Overseas: MMK 500/-
  • Reactivation Fees: MMK 1,000/-
  • Card Loss/ Replacement Fees: MMK 5,000/-

Taking Common Sense Precautions upon CB CO-BRANDED DEBIT CARD (MPU-JCB)

  • Open your bills promptly – or check them online often – and reconcile them with the purchases you’ve made. Report any questionable charges to the card issuer.
  • Save your receipts to compare with your statement.
  • During a transaction, keep your eye on your card. Make sure you get it back before you walk away.
  • Whenever withdrawing cash at oversea ATM, the cardholder have to pay service charges of acquiring bank furthermore transactions fee of issuing bank for each transaction.
  • Please change your ATM PIN frequently at least once every 3 months.
  • When selecting a PIN, avoid numbers that relate to your personal information. For example, don’t use birthday or telephone number.
  • Ensure that your card number, expiry date and the three-digit security code on the back of the card (popularly known as CVV number) are not captured in writing anywhere.
  • Make sure you are using a secure site while making payments through the Internet.
  • You can apply the Dispute Form for your unsatisfied/unauthorized transactions within 120days. Applications for Dispute Form for the over 120 days transactions will not be accepted.

Point of Sales (POS)

Shopping with CB CO-BRANDED DEBIT CARD (MPU-JCB) is now available at 190 countries. Any purchase could be made with any Point-Of-Sales machine that bears JCB logo.No Service Charges will be collected for using at POS.