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Welcome to CB Bank Merchant Services

Becoming a CB Bank Merchant

Foreigners visiting to Myanmar had difficulties using their credit or debit cards issued internationally in Myanmar last time. Now CB Bank is providing MasterCard, Visa Card, UnionPay Card Acquiring services to Merchants in Myanmar. Don’t miss this opportunity. Accept payments with MasterCard, Visa Card, and UnionPay Card and enjoy greater business growth. Learn how it works.

Why Should Merchants Accept Cards ?

  • More convenient for customer - less cash handling
  • Spontaneous sales, increased volume/value
  • Displaces cheques - lower handling costs and security
  • Speeds throughput at Point of Sale - faster turnover
  • Guaranteed funds and security of settlement
  • Faster settlement - better funds management
  • Simpler back office reconciliation and control
  • Substantially reduces back office costs

How It Works

Card payment business can be confusing for new merchants even for experienced merchants.
There are 5 parties involved. Let's see the following to understand better.
  • Merchant
A merchant, that may be you, is an entity that contracts with an acquirer (CB Bank) to accept card payments for goods or services provided.
  • Acquirer
An acquirer (CB Bank) also known as merchant bank that is a financial institution licensed by MasterCard, Visa or UnionPay. The acquirer is set up to connect and process transactions over the card payment network and sell its processing service to merchants.
  • Issuer
Institutions such as banks, credit unions, savings & loan association or even retailers that provide to a consumer through a payment card. Please note that MasterCard or Visa or UnionPay is not an issuer.
  • MasterCard, Visa, UnionPay
MasterCard, Visa, UnionPay are the world-wide network managers. They provide secure and maintain the network that allows transactions between accepting merchants, card issuers and acquirers to happen.
  • Card Holder
Card Holder mean the person whose name is imprinted/embossed on the cards and whose signature appears on the signature panel as the authorized user thereof, or in the case of bearer prepaid/gift card, shall refer to the holder of card.

3 in 1 Point of Sale (POS Acquiring Service)


* Merchant need to contract with CB Bank
* Merchant need to have Internet line
* Need to open the Current A/C at CB Bank

    Available Currency Types

        1. USD

        2. MMK

    Service charges & Other Costs

         • POS Machine Price- Negotiable

         • MDR Rate-3.5% to 4.35%(USD)

         • MDR Rate-3.5% to 3.95%(MMK)

         • IT Network Installation Fee- FOC

E-commerce Online shopping

Electronic commerce, commonly known as e-commerce or eCommerce, is a type of industry where the buying and selling of products or services is conducted over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks. Now CB bank making CB Bank E-commerce service for Cardholder to settle amount that is for customer who can buy from Internet, Online in Government of Myanmar, Commercial Society, Hotels, Air Lines, and Online Shopping Site.

E-commerce Online Shopping Service Requirements

  • Merchant need to contract with CB Bank
  • Merchant need to have Online Website
  • Need to open the Current A/C at CB Bank
  • Available Currency Types
  •     1. USD

        2. MMK