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What are the services of eSavings?

  • Interest Rate 8.25%
  • Interest Rate 8.5% (for above 500 lakh)
  • Easi Smart MPU Card
  • Mobile Banking Services
  • eStatement
  • eAlert
  • CB Bank encourages the business process to help and protect the environment in day to day business, operating a business in a manner that accounts for social and environment impact.
  • In order to conserve the environment, CB Bank is starting to reduce the paper using ,build in paperless community.
  • CB Bank eSavings is the first step introduction of paperless service that can allow all customers participating in this program.


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  • To reduce papers using altogether because CB Bank has been working to be better environment.
  • To be easy to save the savings passbooks for the account holders.
  • To check their bank statements via email for the customer’s conveniene.


  • No need to carry your Passbook
  • No longer need to regularly update your passbook
  • Getting detailed eStatement in Monthly
  • Getting eAlert for every transaction activities in time
  • E-Statements are delivered directly to the email addresses of eSavings Account holders. You can access your E-statement in real time.There is no cost to enroll in E-Statements. There is no waiting for the mail.

Opening an eSavings Account

The account can be opened as individual only with NRC (National Registration Card) Card.

  • Interest rate per annum is 8.25%.
  • The minimum balance is MMK 1,000.
  • Initial Deposit is MMK 1,000.
  • It can be linked with Mobile Banking which can be used by mobile phone.
  • Cash withdrawal and Fund transfer can be done in the ATMs by using CB Bank Easi Smart MPU Cards because eSavings Account is linked with Mobile Banking.
  • All services to be done in the Savings Deposit Account can be applied.
  • eAlert Notification will be sent daily when the transctions have been done.
  • eAlert Notification will be sent free of charge.
  • Monthly bank statement will be sent by email free of charge.
  • Instead of sending monthly bank statement, if you request to send the bank statement daily or weekly, the bank statement will be sent to you with the special discount rate.


  • You can deposit unlimited numbers of amounts of cash into the eSavings deposit account.
  • You can also deposit the account with cheques, remittances, payment orders by using clearing and settlement and also via Mobile Banking.


  • You can withdraw unlimited numbers of amounts of cash.
  • Cash can also be withdrawn by agents on behalf of the account-holder.

Interest Payment

  • The current interest rate is 8.25% per annum.
  • Interest will be calculated on the minimum balance of a day within daily balance in a Month.

Mobile Banking Services

You can get Mobile Banking Services for making payments, transfer and checking your daily balance.

Easi Smart MPU Card

eSavings Service is one of Mobile Banking Services, So eSavings account holder can use CB Bank Easi Smart MPU card
to withdraw cash from all ATMs in MPU Network.

Bank Charges

Bank Charges will not be collected from eSavings account-holders.

  • Minimum Initial Deposit - MMK 1,000
  • Service Fees - No Charges
  • Interest - 8.25% (per year)