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Alert Notification Service

You can choose any alert for your accounts up to date information.

  • eAlert
  • SMS Alert

Alert Notification Service Fees

eStatement Monthly Fees
Daily Statement 4,000 MMK
Weekly Statement 1,200 MMK
Monthly Statement 500 MMK

eAlert Monthly Fees
eAlert 5,000 MMK

SMS Alert Fees for MMK Account
Monthly Yearly
1,200 MMK 12,000 MMK

SMS Alert Fees for Foreign Currency Account
Monthly Yearly
USD 1 USD 12
EUR 1 EUR 12
SGD 1 SGD 12


  • Prompt notification of every transaction
  • Receive daily updates on account balance
  • Receive account transactions alerts
  • Get information with SMS or email notifications

Current Notification Alerts

  1.   Debit Alert
  2.   Credit Alert
  3.   Remittance to Account
  4.   Card Spending Alert
  5.   Cash Management Alert
  6.       -   Incoming and outgoing funds

          -   Cheque Payment

          -   Returned Cheque

  7.   Bill Payment
  8.   Payroll Debit /Credit
  9.   TT Transfer
  10.   Trade Transactions
  11.   Credit Advice

1. Remittance Alert

When Funds have been transferred to your account, you will get the notification promptly.

2. Account Alert (Debit/Credit Alert)

You will get the notifications for any deposit, withdraw or transfer to your accounts.

3. Card Spending Alert

Whenever you spend anywhere in MPU network using Debit Card, you will get alerts promptly.

4. Cash Management Alert

Whenever funds have been transferred into your account and cash out or transferred from your account, you will get prompt notifications.

5. Bill Payment

Whenever bill payment have been make from your account as your standing order/direct debit, you will get the notifications.

6. Payroll Debit/Credit Alert

When you get your salary into your account, you will get the notifications.

7. Trade Functions

You can get account transactions and trade finance alerts, whenever it has been taken.