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Gift Cheque

Gift cheques can proudly be used as more modernized and prestigious gifts for social, educational and economic ceremonies and as personal gifts, in lieu of giving presents in cash.

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Gift Cheque

Gift cheque, it is a cheque forirted in decorative form issued for a small extra charge by the banks for use by customers who wish to give presents of money on special occasions.

Gift cheques may be purchased in unlimited numbers from every branch of the CB Bank.

Gift cheques may be used to give presents of money as :

  • Birthday Gift
  • Wedding Gift
  • Honour Gift
  • Intial Deposit is MMK 5,000.
  • One gift cheque will be charged MMK 200.
  • CB Bank Gift Cheques can be used as Bearer Cheques.
  • Cash payment may be made to any person who brings a gift cheque to the bank.
  • Honour Gift Cheque can be withdrawn in the issuing bank and same area zones free of charge. But the bank must be remittance fee charged in the different areas zones.
  • Wedding Gift Cheque and Bithday Gift Cheque can be withdrawn at any CB Bank branchs free of charge

If a gift cheque is lost, the bank from which it has been purchased must be informed to with hold payment, if encashment is not yet made. Then, a new gift cheque may be purchased.

Types of Gift Cheques

  • Honor Gift Cheque
  • Wedding Gift Cheque
  • Birthday Gift Cheque

Bank Charges

  • Cheque Charges - MMK 200
  • Minimum Cheque Amount - MMK 5,000
  • Maximum Cheque Amount - Any Amount
  • CB to CB cash withdrawal (Same Zone) (Honor Gift, Wedding Gift ,Birthday Gift) - Free of charge
  • CB to CB cash withdrawal (Different Zone ) - Free of charge
  • CB to CB cash withdrawal (Different Zone)(Honor Gift) - Charging as remittance Rate